About Us


We are a firearm skills, use of force, and concealed carry training company servicing northwest Arkansas (Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville, I-49 corridor), southwest Missouri, and northeast Oklahoma.  Our primary training facility is located in Centerton, AR (Lonesome Oak Guns and Range).

Our approach to teaching firearms skills and self defense is to focus on the practical techniques and knowledge you will need to prevail in encounters you are likely to face as an armed citizen, and the knowledge to deal with the legal aftermath of a self-defense encounter. We understand that your time is valuable to you, so we strive to pack as much knowledge into our classes as we can.  Whether you are new to handguns, an experienced shooter who just needs some fine-tuning, or just need to improve your body of knowledge on the legal aspects of the judicious use of deadly force, we will provide an experience that meets your needs and goals.

Your training dollars need to go to someone who you can have confidence in will help guide you down the path of success.  If you are looking to train with someone, we feel they should be able to produce their training resume.  We pride ourselves here on continuing education as instructors, so that we can provide a better service to you.

Lead Instructor - Jody Box

Jody became a Rangemaster certified instructor in 2016, and teaches classes based out of Northwest Arkansas.  He began instructing at MAG-40/MAG-20 Range classes in 2013, and became an official Massad Ayoob Group staff instructor in 2014 after completing MAG-IC (Instructor Course).  His training & instructor certification resume includes completion of:​

Jody has carried concealed routinely since 2010. He also regularly competes in IDPA pistol competitions with local clubs in Northwest Arkansas, in regional matches, and is a Master class IDPA shooter.