Enhanced Carry Skills Prep


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Are you looking to get your AR Enhanced Carry license when the program becomes available?  If so, do you know that when you take the Enhanced Carry class, you will be required to shoot a timed qualification from precision distances, and if you fail three times you must wait 90 DAYS to try again?  Have you shot your handgun before with the pressure of a timer and your peers watching you?

This fundamentals course will break down handgun shooting to the basics - stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and allow you to practice under the pressure of a shot timer the strings of fire that will be shot on the Enhanced Carry qualification.  Instruction will focus on coaching you through the balance of speed and precision at the varying distances of the qualification.  Not only will this course prepare you for the Enhanced Carry qualification, but it will make you a better defender by working on and practicing these skills.  

Qualification Course:

The applicant must complete a live-fire proficiency qualification and obtain a score of 35/50 or 70% overall. The fundamentals of the live-fire course are as follows:

  1. Stage 1: 3 yard line – 20 Rounds 

    • (A) 5 shots fired in a “one shot exercise” – 2 seconds allowed for each shot; 

    • (B) 10 shots fired in a “two shot exercise” – 3 seconds allowed for each 2 shot sequence;

    • (C) 5 shots fired in 10 seconds;

  2. Stage 2: 7 yard line – 20 rounds

    • (A) 5 shots fired in 10 seconds 

    • (B) 5 shots fired in 2 stages:

      • (i) 2 shots fired in 4 seconds;

      • (ii) 3 shots fired in 6 seconds;

    • (C) 5 shots fired in a “one shot exercise” – 3 seconds allowed for each shot;

    • (D) 5 shots fired in 15 seconds;

  3. Stage 3: 15 yard line – 10 rounds

    • (A) 5 shots fired in 2 stages:

      • (i) 2 shots fired in 6 seconds;

      • (ii) 3 shots fired in 9 seconds;

    • (B) 5 shots fired in 15 seconds;

  4. All shooting is from the “ready” position;

  5. The target utilized will be a B-27 target. The shooter will be scored “hit” or “miss.” A successful hit will be scored if the round fired cuts the line of the 7 ring or is within the 7 ring of the B-27 target.


  • This class is not for Enhanced Concealed Carry.  That will be a separate class offered for students who have complete the basic concealed carry or already possess a valid AR CHCL.  This is a skills preparation class to get students ready for the timed qualification.

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of firearms safety.

Cost: $55

Equipment List
  • A good quality handgun, suitable for self-protection and/or concealed carry. Remember that you will be firing approximately 250 rounds during this class, so ultra-lightweight firearms, though suitable for concealed carry, are not a good choice for class use. If you have any questions about the suitability of your gun, please contact us. It is a good idea to bring a spare gun, if you have one, just in case your primary gun breaks. ( it happens more than you think)

  • A good quality holster - a quality holster is made of molded plastic or kydex and does not collapse when you draw your handgun. You need a safe, quality holster and belt. Again, if you have any questions, please contact us.

  • A minimum of 3 magazines or speed loaders for your handgun.

  • (Optional) A magazine pouch/holder - you can reload from your pockets if you wish.

  • A sturdy belt, to support the above.

  • Eye protection

  • Ear protection (electronic ear pro. preferred)

  • At least 250 rounds of decent quality, reliable ammunition. Range ammunition (FMJ, etc.) is fine. You do not need to use premium self defense ammo for this course.

  • Clothing suitable for the weather and the range. If necessary, we will finish our range work in whatever conditions exist at class time, live-fire classes run rain or shine, mud may be involved.

  • Good attitude

  • Willingness to learn


Please note that the above list is just the essentials. You may bring additional items (such as a range bag, extra magazines, folding chairs and tables, tarps, canopy, etc.), if you choose.

Our range location has a portable toilet, but not running water. For your comfort, you might want to bring wipes, disposable washcloths and/or hand sanitizer.

Class Procedures

We will send a welcome packet to you prior to the class beginning via email. This will include directions to the bay on the range, gate access code, and instructions for arriving at the class prepared. Please bring all requested materials with you and be on time.  If you miss the safety briefing at the beginning of class, you will not be allowed to participate.

This range is a cold range. No handling of firearms in the parking lot or classroom is permitted. If you arrive with your handgun holstered and loaded for street carry, please keep it holstered. Once we start class on the range, we will assemble everyone on the firing line to handle firearms under instructor's commands. At the end of class, we will do the same, allowing everyone to get loaded up with their desired carry before leaving the range.  Do not handle any firearms without explicit instructor directions to do so.  Failure to obey firearms safety rules will result in immediate dismissal from the class and range.

Please do not hesitate to contact us prior to the class if you have questions.  We are here to help you through the process with all of your needs.

Refund and Cancellation policy

We understand that things come up and plans change, therefore we will be happy to refund your tuition up to 30 days prior to the event should you decide to cancel. If you cancel with less than 30 days notice, we will happily transfer your tuition to another class of your choosing. No refund will be given with less than 7 days until the event. In the unlikely event of organizer cancellation, all tuition & deposits will be refunded.

We reserve the right to cancel the event if less than half of the allotted seats are filled two weeks prior to the event. In the event that an event is canceled, students can have their choice of a full refund or have their deposit/tuition and registration applied to another class.